Clinch River Brewing, Norris TN

Windows on the Park
Holiday Inn World's Fair Park
Knoxville, TN


Thomas Is....Promotion that Works!
You want more than just a
"juke box on a stool"
for your entertainment 

There are two big reasons you want quality show entertainment for your promotions:

Happy Returning Customers and Profits!

Here are just a few of the extra touch differences that place Thomas over the top
for your entertainment choice:

Provided With Every Performance:


• Custom Local Area Printed and/or Internet Media Promotions with Your Branding & Logos

• Intimate setup with professional lighting and sound even in the smallest of areas


Provided With Ongoing Monthly Performances:

 Everything above plus

• Custom 6 ft. and 8 ft. Banners for Indoor/Outdoor Promoting with Your Branding and Logos


• Large 24" X 36" Mounted Poster for your display




Provided With Ongoing Weekly Performances:

Everything above plus

• Indoor 6 ft or 8 ft Banner including stand for your entryway or traffic areas

• Premium Quality Grade Indoor/Outdoor Double Poster Stand
Holds Two 24" X 36" Weatherproof Posters



What Happens Because of a Thomas Performance? 

• Superior Entertainment that won’t break your budget.

• Performed at Enjoyable Comfort Volumes, where customers easily and comfortably converse and interact with each other during the show. 

• Customers return again and again.

• Word of mouth and word of Social Media travels fast……and returns back to you!

• Customers enjoy the interaction of stories, requests, and feel good song memories.

• As the crowds and fans follow…….so do your profits! They stay, they spend, they enjoy!

Just a Few Past Performances

• Sunsphere Knoxville – Weekly from 1982 until closed

• 1982 World’s Fair – Daily Performer for Budweiser Beer Gardens

• The Hyatt Regency Knoxville

• Governor Ray Blanton of Tennessee – Private Invitational Party

• The Knoxville Civic Coliseum – Opening Act for National TV Comedian Grady Nutt

• Opening Act for Trilly Cole at the prestigious Captain’s Table in Printer’s Alley Nashville, TN

• The Connection Restaurant - Knoxville

• Angelo’s Fine Dining Restaurant – Morristown, TN

• Club Le Conte – Knoxville, TN

• Archie Campbell’s Music Theatre – Gatlinburg, TN

• Windows on the Park - Holiday Inn World's Fair Park - Knoxville, TN

• Blue Coast Bar & Grill - Market Square - Knoxville, TN
• Currently The House Musician for Clinch River Brewing - Norris, TN