Thank You Knoxville 19th Annual Earthfest Celebration and Festival 2018

       How honored I was to have been selected this year as one of the entertainers for the 19th Annual Knoxville Earthfest, 2018. The crowd was so amazing with energy and enthusiasm flowing all over the place!

 Held at the gorgeous Knoxville Botanical Garden & Arboretum on Saturday, April 28th, Earthfest was an amazing experience and success for everyone and one of the most enjoyable outdoor performances I've ever experienced.  If you didn't make it out this year, please make plans in 2019 for such an enjoyable and informing display of exhibits and vendors you will be glad you made plans to visit.

     There is such a wide variety of activities and a fantastic entertainment lineup. A festival the whole family can enjoy together. (pets included!!)
For More Earthfest Information Click Here:   ►►  19th Annual Knoxville Earthfest Celebration & Festival

 Remembering Simon & Garfunkel

     I love this song so much I think because I've been there. Hit the big city with a pocketful of mumbles more than a time or two that were promises....all lies and jest, but still a man only hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. Desolation and Poverty can cut you till you cry out in your anger and your pain.......but you rise up and leave it all...while the fighter still remains.
I grew up with these guys never dreaming I would live out a lot of their lyrics in my lifetime. Thank you Paul and've been good friends.


The Magic of Elton John

   I wore this album out.  I think "Your Song" was the first Elton I ever heard and just like the rest of the world, I fell in love with the magic, the love, and the lyrics he has given us all these years.   This was recorded live at Clinch River Brewing in Norris, TN to an always incredible audience.  


 Gordon Lightfoot and The Brown Eyed Ticket Girl

     Many years ago and eight states away, this ole boy was making his way back home with only a bus ticket and $14 dollars to his name. Walking through downtown Springfield Massachusetts, I passed the old downtown theater with the words, "Gordon Lightfoot Live" in lights. One of my biggest musical influences was in that building about to perform! 
   With tickets being 20.00 I had to try getting in 6 dollars short and worry about something to eat later. I'll never forget the ticket booth girl listening to my beg, waiting till no one was there in line, sneaking me in and finding me a seat. She even let me keep my $14 bucks.   I got to see one of my musical heroes and a legend in his own time. This is in much thanks to Gordon.......and for the brown eyed ticket girl who found a way.